Amanda Garner
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Amanda Jo Garner  

What can a person say about one who had such a huge impact on so many lives.I met  you when Dustin brought you home from a get- together my nephew brought you too.  Chad thought you were going to be his girlfriend, you had your sight set on my son!  I loved you from the start. 

You were funny, caring and had such a wonderful smile.  I watched you grow into such a beautiful young woman.  You gave me two granddaughter's, my Sami and our little Miss Ali J.  Sami was born with a bad kidney.  You took it all in stride... you cared and nutured her and through it all still treated her as though she were never ill.  While I tried to spoil and you would tell me she may have been ill but that didn't give her the right to misbehave.

Dustin misses you and Sami so much.  You were the love of his life.  You left some awfully big shoes for someone to try to fill.  

I watched you with Madison, who still cries for you and said you have a spot in her heart that will never be filled.  You taught her cookies don't have to be sliced off a roll.  And no one will ever put in a pony tail as good as you did.

I show Ali J your picture and tell her all the time "that is mommy"  when she is older I will tell her about you.  All the love and strength you had in such a little body.  How you loved her and were so proud of all her accomplishments.  How you and Sami are her own personal guardian angels.  You have made an imprint on our hearts that we will carry with us forever.

We love you ...

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