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Wanted to say Hi..  / Madison (Sister in law )  Read >>
Wanted to say Hi..  / Madison (Sister in law )
Hi Mandy. I couldn't stop thinking about you or Sami tonight, so I came back to these all too familiar websites. I scrolled through pictures, laughed, cried, and through it all I missed you. I still miss you. I will miss you until the day I die and can join you. I love you so much. Underneath your legacy mom talks a little about you and me. Words will never describe what you meant to me. Even so, cookies are never the same, and my ponytails are never as good as they used to be (: Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for the smiles and the laughter you brought me and to everyone you touched. Bye for now. Love you. Close
Big news i wanted to share!  / Tommy Hall (Sister)  Read >>
Big news i wanted to share!  / Tommy Hall (Sister)
As I thought about what a big day i had yesterday i couldnt help but think of you and what you would say to me. I am officially a homeowner and closed on my house yesterday! I am super excited and i wish you were here to talk to about it. I miss you like crazy and not a day goes by that i dont think about you. I love you always and I tell my kids about you are never forgotten around here.

Love you always
Your sister! Close
thinking of you  / Tansy Flannery (friend)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Tansy Flannery (friend)
Today we watched a video from 98 and there you sat at christmas! It was cool to see but then you spoke and the tears fluided to my eyes! I can't imagation what today would be like if you hadn't gone so much has changed and I try to think how tall Sammie would be and wonder what she would be into! Thinking of your soft loving voice and how your voice could make anything seem alright! But you never over did thing just said it will be ok! I will shed a tear here and there for you and Sammie and always share my memories with those who will listen! Tonight I am missing you and I hope you smile on us this Christmas from up above I love you always! Close
Mandy has something to say  / Mandy May F. (Cousin)  Read >>
Mandy has something to say  / Mandy May F. (Cousin)
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 We were looking at pics and she told me that she loves you and Sammie more then anything like God!! She wants to know if you can understand what she wrote and if there are computers in Heaven? Humm...guess we wont know till we get there but I told her yes to both maybe because I hope that you get these! Love and miss you Tansy Close
You don't know me...  / Candace Williams   Read >>
You don't know me...  / Candace Williams

...but I saw the link on Horsetopia.  My heart cries for you and your family...please accept my sympathy...


Missing you  / ~D~ (Future MIL )  Read >>
Missing you  / ~D~ (Future MIL )
As always you and Sami are in my thoughts.  I have not had one day go by that I haven't remembered you too.  Either with a tear or with a smile.  So many great memories in such a short time.

School started last Thursday.  Ali who no longer wants to be Ali J is all excited about being a first grader but not all excited about being in school.  I think for her summer went by way to quickly and school started much too soon this year. 

I cherish the teachers who keep her close and pay attention to her needs.  Last Mother's Day I got and Me and Grandma card.  I know her teacher went to a lot of work to change all the papers to read grandma instead of mom.  It meant a lot to both of us.

Tomorrow is you birthday.  27  I really should go  get Ali and take new flowers to the Cemetery. She loves to put new flowers out for you and Sami. 

I try not to visit here all the time anymore it seems that I still shed too many tears when I do.  Though it hasn't changed the fact I still think of you everyday.

I love you very much.  Give Sami a special hug from Grandma.  Miss you!  I will be back tomorrow to light a candle for your birthday.  Close
Friendship / Tansy Flannery (friend)  Read >>
Friendship / Tansy Flannery (friend)

Tonight you are in my thoughts as life goes by quicker everyday and the time just flyies by and I try to make my dreams come true I cant help but to think about our friendship and how many dreams we had planned to accomplish together. I am going to school now just hard to believe that you arent there with me like we planned. I am going to be a briefing counselor because of all the stress this caused me and how much easier it would have been if someone would have reached out and explained from their own losses. I am going to take everything I learned from you and help others. Shortly after I started school I started to see a counselor and she told me that my memories of you made her see your beauty. I just would like to take all the joy that you taught me and share it with others in anyway I can. Thank you for being me friend and teaching me the proper ways of life I just could not see where I would be if I had never had that little bit of time with you. The joy, the pain and all the laughter. I hope you have a rocking chair for me when I get there so we can sit next to one another like we planned. I love you still today and Thank you for helping me. Love you Tansy!

Just wanting to write to you  / Ali J. (youngest daughter )  Read >>
Just wanting to write to you  / Ali J. (youngest daughter )


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five yrs ago  / Tansy Flannery (Friend)  Read >>
five yrs ago  / Tansy Flannery (Friend)

I can remember this day five years ago like it was yesterday. The lost of a friend and little Samantha Maybe. I can see you picking up Alley and heading for the door telling me that you will be right back. Starting to think you just went home and then the phone rang I ran to pick it I said there she is letting me know. One the other end it was you but in someway it was. For along time I blamed myself and why did I let you take those girls. Now five years later I can tell you I have learned so much for you and look back not on that day but on what we did together. Our dreams and what we shared on a daily bases. The wishes of going back to school and going somewhere with our lives, making your race car wedding into a reality for you and watching our children grow and living tho the day to day of our lives with our friendship growing. Now I promised that if you werent here I would make sure Dustin was ok. I tell you thats not an easy job I would have rather watched after Al. I love watching her grow everyday and when she smiles your smile and looks up at me and says I want to be a bull ride. I can see her dad in every word but you with look. She is smart and beautful and my only hope is that someday she becomes a person as beauitful as you were. I love you girl and I will always watch out here for what was important to you!!! Take care of Sammie and hope that we meet again!!!

5 years tomorrow  / ~D~   Read >>
5 years tomorrow  / ~D~

I can not believe it is 5 years since we last talked.  I just finished Ali's invitations to her first birthday party and called to tell you I would send them home with Dustin.  I still remember the news story that showed the car and the invitations in the ditch.

I can believe 5 years can seem so long.  I miss you and Sami so very much.  I love you and talk to you like you are still here.  

I was so very lucky to have known you Mandy.  You gave me two very beautful granddaughters, along with a friendship I will cherish all the days of my life.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for being such an importand part of my life.

I love you

Finding Peace  / ~D~   Read >>
Finding Peace  / ~D~

I remember so well how I would start dreading November 14th!  I would start getting worked up just before Halloween... fret and stew, wonder and stress for days.  How could this anniversary have happened?  How am I suppose to be sane?  How am I suppose to function?

Than I came to realize that while I have to learn to live without you and Sami, I do not have to forget you.  I am still able to love you and express that love, even if it means not holding you.  I still tell you, sometimes outloud, sometimes in a whisper. 

I also thank you for giving me my two beautiful granddaughers.  One I mourn when I mourn you and one that I am left to help pick up the pieces.  To share a tear with when she tells me how much she misses you.  To tell her how very much you loved and cherished her.  I am able to share with her your memory, some of the things you gave me, I have given her so that she has them to look at, to have close and to let have her own dreams about how you were.

I am finding peace.  Though I will spend my whole life missing you and Sami,   I will also love you as much as if we were together always. 

The anniversary of the accident is coming up.  I have learned so much from that day.  From having you and Sami in my life and having you taken so soon.

I love you Amanda Jo and miss you

Hi Mommy  / Ali J. (Daughter)  Read >>
Hi Mommy  / Ali J. (Daughter)

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Birthday and school  / ~D~   Read >>
Birthday and school  / ~D~

Happy Birthday Mandy!  Oh do I miss you.  Seems Ali J is missing you a lot lately too.  Talks about you all the time.  I am working on a collage picture for her room so that she has pictures of you and Sami hanging up. 

Ali J has started school.  Her first day was last Friday.  I am sure you were with her every step of the way.  She is really excited about school and I miss her horribly.  As you know she has not been coming to daycare since June.  Dustin took her shopping and than surprised her with some new clothes and shoes.  Little Ali was so excited when we went to her house yesterday and showed me all of her things.  I have her overnight and she is on the couch sleeping now.  Ihave to take her home this morning and that is always with a tear in my eye.

I need to go.  I love you and miss you.  Seems so strange you would have been 26 today.  Missing you never makes time stand still.

Happy Birthday...

School shots!  / ~D~   Read >>
School shots!  / ~D~

School starts in 18 days!!!  Ali J, Aunnie and I discussed you over lunch.  Ali J said it was too bad you died cause she wanted to remember what you look like.  I told her, she looks just like you without the red hair.  I told her she has pictures to look at and that I will give her the last thing you gave me for Christmas, the Clown Clock when she is ready to take it home and not play with it.  I also think it is time to make a photo collage on paint shop pro and get it framed for her room too.

Anyway back to school shots... Ali goes in on Friday for her Kindergarten checkup and shots.  She is growing up so fast!  Yesterday I pulled her first loose tooth.  The tooth fairy said she was getting $5 for that tooth!  Told him I had a whole mouth full of them he could have for that price!

We miss you so much Mandy.  I am so glad we have a little piece of you to carry us thru.  Love you always



Prayers from an unknown....  / Amanda (none)  Read >>
Prayers from an unknown....  / Amanda (none)

You have no idea who I am... I don't know you. However we share the same name. A friend of mine told me to google my name and I did. Somehow I stumbled upon this site and started reading it and looking at pictures and now I am just sitting here crying thinking about what a wonderful person and mommy you must have been. I know this happened a few years back, but I too lost a friend last year on Easter to an accident. I just wanted to offer my sympathy and  prayers to your loved ones and your beautiful daughter who is still here. May she hear wonderful things about her mommy who seems to have loved her very very much and may God bless those around you.

~ Amanda M. Garner

Hi Mommy  / Ali J. (Your Littlest Daughter )  Read >>
Hi Mommy  / Ali J. (Your Littlest Daughter )







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not a day goes by....  / Valerie Arens (friend)  Read >>
not a day goes by....  / Valerie Arens (friend)

Amanda,  I miss you every single day of my life.  For years after you were gone I would see you out of the corner of my eye at a resuraunt or the mall and my heart broke a little every time that split second of relief was gone.  I think about you helping me with my kids.  Us raising them together and growing up together.  I used to spend my time thinking "if only" or "I wish" but as time passes it turns into "I miss" and "I always remember"  and with that you're immortal.  Your daughter makes you immortal and I can only say that you would be proud.

  I wish you were here to talk to me while I did my dishes or when Bear's being a jerk.  I think about you every day.  I miss you every single day of my life and there's not a sun that sets without a thought of you and where we would be now.  I love you.  Take care of that Sam, she'll give God a run for his money!!!!!!!!!!


Kindergarten Registration  / Darla   Read >>
Kindergarten Registration  / Darla
Wow! Can you believe it? Ali J will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. She had kindergarten registration on Monday night. She is very excited. I sure wish you were signing her papers, though I know you are always with her.

Ali J misses you. I think more so now as she is starting to realize what a mommy is all about. I have tried to help out as much as a grandma can but it will never take away the fact that she will always miss you. You know what Mandy? So will I. I try to be thankful for the time you and Sami were in our lives and how blessed we are to have such wonderful memories. But there are times, I feel so robbed and lost.

Keep close to us, keep watching over Ali J. and remember we will always love and miss you.

Happy Easter!
Almost Christmas  / ~D~   Read >>
Almost Christmas  / ~D~
Here it is almost Christmas again.  Ali J is looking forward to presents and all the activity.  I only have one present under the tree for her but I think I will go get her a baby doll.  Madison gave her a lot of her old barbie's and so I bought her a doll house.  It was kind of expensive but I hate only having one present under the tree for her.

I have two trees up this year.  One if the family room for the daycare kids and one upstairs in the living room for family.  They are both so pretty, I wish you were here to enjoy them with me.  Sami could do lots of rearranging of the ornaments but I suppose that she maybe past that stage by now.  Ali will leave them alone for the most part.  She has a few of her favorites.

I know you are well of aware of how things are and I know you are watching over all of us.  But we sure miss you!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas
D Close
Ali's Birthday  / ~D~   Read >>
Ali's Birthday  / ~D~
Where has the time gone?  Your beautiful little girl turned 5 today!  I know you were there today watching and smiling.  She had a very nice birthday party.  Tomorrow she will have her party here at daycare and get more presents and cake!  

Ali mentions you often.  We are trying very hard to let her know about you.  

Yesterday Ali was in a cheerleading competition, she had a great time and she looked so cute!  Daddy said this is only until she is old enough to start racing go carts!!!

I know you are so proud of Ali and I am sure you are proud of Dustin also.  He is a great daddy!  Ali is turning into quite the little girl and growing up in spite of grandma thinking it is entirely way to fast.

Your mom is coming to get her on Thursday.  It will be nice to see her again. 

I miss you Mandy...wish you were here.  
Love ya
D Close
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